Week in Seven Words #2

This is my second attempt at joining Week in Seven Words, which is started by HKatz of The Sill of the World. Please head over to her blog to check out her beautiful scenes for simple and not-so-simple words. Here’s my second set:


When the sun rose, it silhouetted the structure. We were held captive and entranced by the view.


When the teacher called her, she froze. She managed to mumble a what is it. All eyes were on her.


The daughter was again admitted to the hospital. The father grunted in anger, in frustration. The mother wailed. There was no longer a penny to spare.

qui vive

From a discreet distance, he watched his female target approached a fruit stand vendor. She handed a bill. The vendor gave her a small envelope. The watcher ran to her.


He chose the brightest colors from his mother’s make-up kit to cover the facial bruises his father gave him after his Saturday night drinking binge. Again. And again… Again.

Week in Seven Words


The child sat, helpless and crying loudly, as he watched his mother pacing, her mouth gyrating in anger.


He witnessed his business go bankrupt. He watched his wife packing and leaving the house in silence. He saw his daughter eating expired bread. He jumped.

Just like my first set, I used the Word of the Day words from Merriam-Webster Dictionary. This is also my way of improving my English pronunciation and speech. English is not my primary language after all.

2 thoughts on “Week in Seven Words #2

  1. Nancy, there are whole stories in these, and heart-breaking ones for some, especially for daedal and fillip (and the way you chose these words is powerful). With daedal, the contrast of “choosing the brightest colors” with what he uses them for… I’ve seen this play out too, and it hurts, and you’ve shown it so well.


    • Thank you! I worry that I’m not communicating clearly. Week in Seven Words can be brain-racking but I love the challenge. It’s refreshing and my posts surprise me sometimes.


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