I’m Nancy, owner and managing director of The Memoriter Writing Service, a professional and duly registered writing services business based in Cebu, Philippines, which assists individuals, private companies, non-government organizations, and government agencies in their needs for various written communications.

Writing Services

My shelves both at home and in the office are stacked and overflowing with books. I have so far read only half of them. (And I’m still buying more books!)

As a blogger, I am maintaining this humble corner of the online landscape. It’s called she who scrivens got a swamper, which refers to Seshat, goddess of writing, who is described as she who scrivens or she who is a scribe, and to me, as her general assistant/aide (that is, in my imagination). On this blog, I’ll share with you the following:

  • My personal essays on just about anything
  • Thoughts on short stories by Filipino and non-Filipino writers, especially those with gothic or realistic or social development themes
  • Interesting information on Philippine folklore (including folktales, beliefs and superstitions)
  • Explorations into the folklore of other countries

My previous (now defunct) blog is nancycudis.com. I’ll be transferring some posts from there to here. I’m also on Medium. You can also reach me via nrcudis@gmail.com.

I occasionally contribute my essays to:

sun.star cebu

I am currently working on a romantic novel (tentative title and cover):

Nancy Cudis

I volunteer for the initiatives of:

  • Cebu Book Club
  • Best Cebu Blog Awards
  • National Nutrition Council VII-MIND VII
  • Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Cebu Bloggers Society
  • Cebu Association of Communication Educators

I am a part-time instructor at St. Theresa’s College-Cebu. I also accept invitations to speak to and share with other college students my experiences in writing, blogging, corporate communications, and journalism.

Over the years, I have been recognized for the following:

  • Best News Writing – Cebu Archdiocesan Mass Media Awards (CAMMA) (2009)
  • Blogger of the Year – Globe Cebu Media Excellence Awards (2012)
  • Top 9 Finalist Nationwide – Gadgets Magazine’s Good Blog Awards (2012)
  • Blogger of the Year – Globe Cebu Media Excellence Awards (2013)
  • Best Institutional Website (www.rafi.org.ph) – CAMMA (2013)

But I will always be a writer. Just a writer. That’s more than enough for me.

Header photo source (edited): Prawny on http://www.pixabay.com

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