Week in Seven Words #2

This is my second attempt at joining Week in Seven Words, which is started by HKatz of The Sill of the World. Please head over to her blog to check out her beautiful scenes for simple and not-so-simple words. Here’s my second set:

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Week in Seven Words #1

(Updated) – I’ve met HKatz of The Sill of the World, one of my favorite blogs, while I was maintaining my old blog, www.nancycudis.com. I haven’t been blogging for the past year due to personal and health reasons. Upon my comeback, I returned on Weebly then to WordPress rather than on Blogger. Despite this, I retain my avidness as a reader for the blogs I have followed in the past, including HKatz’s.

I have always admired her for her creativity in her Week in Seven Words, in coming up with scenes for words that sound, or truly are, simple. For example, for the word expires, she wrote, “The elevator groans open and admits you at your peril”. Another example is the word absolution for which she wrote, “They love talking about actions having consequences until it comes to something they’ve done. Then, good intentions are all that matter”.

As of this writing, HKatz has so far produced 314 posts for Week in Seven Words. Such endeavor as always encouraged me to challenge my creativity. Hence, I wish to support her and in the process challenge my own creativity by participating in her weekly activity by coming up with my own scenes for seven words. I may not be able to participate every week but I’ll be able to do so in some. I may be a bit rusty in some parts (I haven’t written creatively for some time) but I’ll do my best.

Here is my first Week in Seven Words:

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