The dream of a feel-good love story

I welcome beautiful dreams, those that make me smile when I awake, those that leave a heart-pinching feeling of intoxication, those that cannot be forgotten. I welcome the stories in dreams, those that make me want, the moment I open my eyes, to grab the pen and scratch down the dream-words I’m chasing in my head to form enough literary picture to satisfy the writer in me.

I don’t care much for the meanings of dreams. When I dreamed of myself climbing endless staircases but never reaching the light or the door at the top, I learned it meant I would experience failures and successes in life. But then, what is life without a bit of failure and a bit of success?

When I dreamed of myself climbing the wide stairway of my old high school campus and falling off when the stairs suddenly shifted, I was told it meant it I would experience severe failure or tragedy. Should I be extra careful? As life goes, failure is part of it, like a spoke of a wheel. The gravity of a tragedy or a failure will determine my strength and resiliency as a person.


I care more, though, for the story of a dream. It was that kind of dramatic love story you see on television dramas or read on Harlequin’s sweet romance books, a composition of sweet and sour incidents from start to end. Yes, it ended satisfactorily that I woke up smiling and feeling giddy. And yes, it ended satisfactorily such that it made me want to write about it here.

There are no names in the dream. Let’s call them Romeo and Juliet, although the story is nothing similar to the couple’s tragedy. There’s also another male teasing character, a flirt, who we shall name Paris, and Juliet’s brother we’ll call Sam.

Juliet is a new production assistant in a broadcasting company. She needs the job badly and even when the pay is just enough for her, it isn’t for the bills she needs to pay for her older and only brother’s hospital bills. Her parents are dead.

Romeo is the top anchor of the top primetime news program of the company. He is secretly the son of the company owner; he chooses not to be known as some rich man’s son and prefers to be known for his talent and skills. Paris, on the other hand, has paved his way from being a production assistant to an anchor for a lifestyle program.

When Juliet starts working for the news program, she is constantly bothered by Romeo who has a lot of perfection-seeking work-related demands. They often end up bickering at each other’s throat. Paris, being who he is, finds beauty in Juliet and decides to tease her. They often go to dinner with other company employees after work, much to Romeo’s dismay. The more Romeo finds Paris teasing and flirting with Juliet, the more he becomes irritated. Over time, he learns he is falling in love with his production assistant.

One live news production a few weeks later, Juliet suddenly leaves right after the program to rush to the hospital where she learns that her brother, a cancer patient, is in critical condition and has now a short time to live. Romeo chases after her. Upon learning of his unrequited love’s brother, he made a generous anonymous donation to pay for her brother’s hospital fees. This makes Juliet profusely thankful yet angry.

One day, Romeo visits Sam at the hospital. Upon entering the room, he sees that Juliet was also there. She is baffled and suspicious as to how her boss learns about her state. Sam looks happy to see that someone cares for his sister and that he is glad to meet him before he dies.

When her brother dies, Juliet feels so sad and alone. Romeo is always there to support and comfort her. A few months later, he tells Juliet how he feels. It takes Juliet some time to appreciate Romeo as a man and return the feelings. Not long after she did, they spend a hot, passionate night together.

That night results to Juliet getting pregnant. She also discovers by accident that Romeo is the company owner’s son. While she doesn’t feel anger or resentment, she feels she is not deserving to be by Romeo’s side. Such strong emotions make her run away.

Romeo hires detectives to look for her. He looks for her, too. When he finds her, he erases any doubts from her mind and proposes to her. They have a grand wedding.

That’s it. Sounds like some American romance in a book, right?

And while the plot may sound trite to me, I still welcome feel-good romantic dreams like this, for I welcome silly morning smiles and moments of foolishness when I wake up. They form part and parcel of my armor to brave through a work-filled day.


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